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Environmentally friendly as well as beautiful.


Wood burning stoves are friendly to the environment. Low greenhouse gas emissions from burning wood mean an old-fashioned fire could be the best way to heat your house. Wood burning stoves are also economically friendly. With quality wood in plentiful supply, they can easily reduce your gas and oil bills.


A wood burning stove will also provide a central focus to your home and will give it a beautiful ambience. Wood stoves do not always have to be stoves suited more to Victorian and Edwardian homes. We are able to supply and install a variety of wood burning stoves, from traditional to contemporary styles. If you have a sleek, modern home and would like a stove to match, then we can help.


To find out more about our wood burning stoves, call us on 028 2565 8904 today.

Wood burning stoves

Metal stove and burning logs Built-in log burner